'The Judge' review


I’m finally doing this! Ok. As if it wasn’t enough to be able to see The Judge at TIFF ten days ago, I had the privilege to see it again tonight (for free!), a month before its official release date. I feel better suited to express my feelings after my second viewing than I was last week, so I figured I might give it a try. That being said, if you’re interested in my humble opinion of the movie, you will find it under the cut, and I’ll do my best to keep it as spoiler-free as possible.

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The Judge generated the most social media buzz after ten days of the recently-concluded Toronto International Film Festival, in an analysis conducted by media firm Way To Blue.  

It ranks second-highest in the “viewers’ intent-to-view” category, which is topped by the Reese Witherspoon film, Wild.  

From Variety: "With more than 39,000 social media mentions, Downey Jr. was declared the “Festival Hero.”

In a previous analysis from the first five days of the fest, Bill Murray took the crown with an initial 29,000-plus mentions.

“The Judge,” starring Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall, was an early winner last week and maintained that title, generating a total overall buzz score of 32,467, more than 10,000 more mentions than the second place film.”


"But I’ll tell you what I’m really looking forward to," he said, grinning. He hesitated, got up, and ran out of the room. A minute later, he came back with a picture … It was one of those 3D sonogram shots that make your unborn baby look like a capsule-bound astronaut, coming at you from deep space. "It’s a girl," he said.
Robert Downey Jr., speaking to Vanity Fair on what he’s most looking forward to in the future. (via iwantcupcakes)