"I think most everybody is on some level an unlikeable character. If you really knew them, you’d understand. To me oftentimes, it’s just an exploration of the mythology of self. I tend to break down my peers and my influences, historic figures, acquaintances and strangers into these groups and subgroups."

— Robert Downey Jr.

I’m so grateful I was able to visit Lord Attenborough recently, to deeply thank him for his contributions to cinema, his lasting impact on all who knew him, and his legacy of philanthropy, wit, and kindness. I wouldn’t be who I am — personally or professionally — if not for Dickie, and I am equally indebted to Lady Sheila, who was and remains every bit his equal.
I tried all sorts of people, I mean half a dozen names, world-famous names, all of whom wanted to play Chaplin … But into the CAA offices came a madman one day, with spiky black hair, rushed into the room and said, ‘My name’s Robert Downey, you may not know me but I shall be more famous that you’ve ever been, ultimately, because I shall play Chaplin. You realize I’m going to play it, do you not?’
Richard Attenborough, on casting a 26-year-old Robert Downey Jr. to play Charlie Chaplin (x). (via iwantcupcakes)