What Robert Duvall says about Robert Downey Jr in this Interview with Howard Stern

Time stamps + transcript because I have no life:


… (<– when I skip non-RDJ stuff, though it’s a great interview. If you have time, it’s well-worth listening to.)
RD: I just worked with that guy– I worked with Downey, your buddy!
HS: Robert Downey Jr. I was gonna ask you about him. I love this guy.
RD: The best. The best!
HS: Isn’t he a great actor?
RD: Right. Everything. And his wife’s terrific– I just worked with him. …
HS: Talk to me about Downey Jr. This kid’s got all the goods, right?
RD: Yeah. Absolutely.
HS: Right. And when you work with him, the reason you might like working with him is because he makes the scene easy, right? When you got another good actor working with you.
RD: [I think he says, “I can’t hear you buddy, my hearing’s off” then continues] Well he does it like Brando. He listens, um, you got to tell him to his ear. …
HS: Wait a second. Let me talk to you, slow down, you said a lot here. Downey Jr, when he’s working–
Woman with Stern (I don’t know who she is. She’ll be referred to as “WS”): –has something coming into his ear?
RD: Yeah.
HS: Downey Jr has an earpiece when he acts.
RD: I think so, like Brando did.
… [They talk about Brando and move to other things.]


RD: This year was about as good as any year I’ve ever had in 50 years. A Night in Old Mexico and The Judge, with Downey.
HS: Now, first of all, you revealed something to me about Downey I didn’t know.
RD: What?
HS: That he wears [an] earpiece.
RD: Well, you know, I don’t know how you do that. Maybe I shouldn’t say that but he– he would tell you that too, I think. [Something I don’t understand] But that can keep it fresh–
WS: Right!
RD: –as you’re listening. Keeps it fresh [snaps fingers twice]. 
HS: Maybe they prompt him in case he forgets.
RD: He doesn’t forget anything that guy! And then he improvises within that! He’s very goo– great at that.
… [Conversation switches to Billy Bob Thornton and moves on.]


RD: The Judge is a very smart script. 
HS: With Downey.
RD: Yeah. He’s great to work with, Downey. Great guy, great guy. 
HS: I love him too. Alright.
RD: Yeah. He makes more money than you do now, maybe!
WS: Maybe!
HS: Oh yeah he does! He makes a lot of money. Iron Man– forget about it.
RD: And you invited him to your 50th and you never invited me.
… [They talk about that and then end the interview.]

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